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EER Strategies offers over 20 years experience conducting customized visioning, planning and innovation workshops, developing executable strategies and plans, and facilitating team meetings tailored to meet your organization’s needs.

My innovation philosophy is grounded in a solid strategic plan, and executed by developing an innovation strategy aligned with the business strategy. Workshops are designed to disrupt traditional thinking, facilitate creativity and forward thinking, and lead to a more innovative culture.


  • Innovation Strategy workshops built upon methodology developed by Harvard Business School                experts and customized to best meet your needs.  The workshops align innovation efforts with your          business strategy, creating a set of overarching innovation priorities that allow you to make effective          trade-off decisions and avoid the pursuit of conflicting efforts. The result is enhanced leadership and          front line employee innovation competency and a shared common purpose across the organization. 
  • Organizational change management workshops offering strategies for incorporating collaborative           innovation into the organization.  Barriers to cultural change and how to combat them are addressed.
  • Visioning and Blue Sky workshops to generate creating thinking and develop a shared vision for the           future, including synthesis of team ideas into a comprehensive report of findings and                                 recommendations
  • Strategic Planning Workshops that include:
  1. Definition of communicable vision and mission statements and core values;
  2. Identification of challenges and measures to address them;
  3. Articulation of goals and specific, measurable, time sensitive objectives; 
  4. Development of a strategic plan aligned with your organization’s vision, including an action plan with concrete milestones and defined accountability to achieve your goals within a specified timeframe


  • Designed and facilitated an Innovation Strategy Workshop to assess NASA's life sciences and human research innovation landscape, resulting in a framework that identified the best mix and balance of various approaches for an optimal innovation strategy.  The workshop was based upon the process described in You Need an Innovation Strategy, G. Pisano, Harvard Business Review, June 2015, and was tailored to address NASA’s specific needs.  Innovation landscape maps and a summary report were developed to address prioritized human spaceflight risks and form the basis for trade space evaluation of health capabilities and systems across domains.   
  • Designed and facilitated a Mars Blue Sky Visioning Workshop for NASA scientists, physicians, and engineers to identify technical advances needed in health care and environmental health research and technology development to optimize the health and performance of crew members on a Mars exploration mission.   Prepared a comprehensive report that addressed priority issues to advance human health and performance risk mitigation.   
  • Designed and conducted a joint partnership strategy retreat among NASA’s Johnson Space Center Engineering, Human Health and Performance, and Strategic Partnership Office organizations to assess current practices and lessons learned in identifying collaborative opportunities and partners; address alignment and integration of technology development approaches and funding pursuits; and identify ways to coordinate and leverage resources for partnership development.  
  • Designed and facilitated a strategy session for the Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation (CoECI), whose mission is to advance and share best practices in novel innovation approaches across U.S. federal agencies.  The workshop resulted in an updated vision, mission, goals and objectives and a plan to inform the construction of a roadmap that aligns objectives with overall goals, specifies measurable objectives, and provides the foundation for prioritization of projects and funding requirements.

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